About Us

International Specialty Supply is the original "One Stop Shop" for commercial sprout growers of mung bean sprouts, soy bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts, wheatgrass and other seed sprouts.

ISS is the only company in the sprouting industry that does it all. As a leading vendor in the commercial sprouts industry, we:

  • manufacture sprouting equipment;
  • sell bean sprout supplies and alfalfa sprouting supplies;
  • provide sprout packaging to commercial growers;
  • supply ISS screened sprouting seed, every bag has been sampled and tested for pathogens;
  • grow bean sprouts and other sprouts;
  • set up HACCP plans;
  • do third party food safety inspections;
  • design sprout production facilities;
  • serve as a used sprout equipment supplier to the industry.

We also do sprout research and have a sprout testing lab, do sprout industry consulting projects, and work with people and companies who do sprouting research and who develop pathogen test kits for sprouters. To keep track of ISS, subscribe to our acclaimed SproutNet electronic newsletter regarding commercial sprouting.

Meet the Sales Team