Bulk Soybean Sprouting Seeds for Commercial Growers

This legume is native to Manchuria and Japan and has been cultivated for thousands of years. With a protein content of over 40%, soybeans are a major source of nutrition for humans and animals. Soybeans also provide half the total vegetable fats and oils consumed and provide a substitute for milk and meat. Soybean sprouts are the "bean sprouts" of Korea and are generally used in soups. Soybeans are very high in protein, vitamin C, folate and fiber.

Buying Soybean Sprout Seeds for Commercial Sprout Growing

We can provide you with soybean sprout seeds of the highest quality. Get to know us better! For those who are interested in buying sprouting seeds, ISS can satisfy all your sprouting seed needs. For pricing on soybean sprout seeds, call (931) 400-2710.