Sprout Growing Equipment

Green Sprout Growing Equipment

  1. Sprouts, depending on the type and the preference of the grower, are generally grown in one of three ways:
  2. Grown completely, start to finish, in a Rota-Tech Rotary Drum.  This is the least labor intensive way to grow green sprouts.
  3. Grown for 1-4 days in the Rota-Tech Rotary Drum and then spread onto a Trac System.  This is the most popular method because it make optimum use of the equipment and the investment into equipment.  It also produces sprouts that are all facing up.  This is called a "turf" sprout.
  4. Soaked in buckets and then put on a Trac system.  This is generally just used for wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts.

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