Mister Green Sprout Machine

Mister Green Sprouter

Mister_Green_sprouting_machineTheMister Green Sprouter is a beautiful, no-nonsense,  200 lb.(90.9 kg) per harvest sprouting unit that can be expanded to a full 10 tons perweek system.  With a delightful array of quality features, Mister Greenadds up to great sprouts, convenience, and more.

Part of the Trac System

Mister Green is designed and manufactured by ISS notonly to produce quality sprouts, but to conveniently allow your business togrow.  This is possible because Mister Green's frame is the same rack usedby the TRAC System.  When you've grown to where you're using eight or tenMister Green Systems, you will have already bought most of your racks and traysfor a TRAC.

Reduces Labor

Mister Green rides on durable swivel casters allowingit to be moved to your spreading area. Its carefully designed plan lends itselfto a hygienic cabinet environment, making it easy to clean and sterilize. Thetray sliders, which hold a total of 20 large ISS Growing Trays, make loading andunloading easy. Each large ISS Growing Tray holds 11 lbs. of bulk sprouts or 30pint containers.  The optional Wet Lights attach directly to the walls ofMister Green. The crop can be easily inspected through the clear acrylic walls. Mister Green has shatter-resistant doors which pivot easily on corrosionresistant plastic hinges.

Sprouts are watered by a series of individually strained, stainless steelmisting nozzles optimizing water usage-- saving  water, sewer, water heatingand water cooling costs.

Saves Space

The Mister Green unit is 24 inches wide (60.9 cm) x 53in. deep  (134.6 cm) x 85 inches high (215.9 cm). It loads and unloads from the front, so several can be placed side by side. Optional Wet Lights attach to the cabinet so no light banks are needed. Six Mister Greens, with a total capacity of 1,320 lbs. (600 kg) per harvest, cansit in an area as small as 14 ft. x 4.75 ft. (66.3 sq. ft.) area.

Startproduction in a few days with these highly versatile growing machines.  Grow alfalfa, radish, clover, onion, sunflower, wheat grass, crispy mixesand many other sprouted products.     


This standup growing unithas twenty trays which hold 10 lbs. (4.5 kilos) each.  You can grow up to 220 lbs. (100 kilos) of product perharvest.   

The basic MisterGreen is completely assembled.  It includes:  Frame, Casters,Drain Pan, Walls, Doors, 3 Stainless Spray Bars, 30 Nozzles with strainers, and20 heavy duty Growing Trays.