Whether pre-sprouting or growing to maturity, Rota-Tech Rotary Drum turns the art of growing sprouts into a science. Rota-Tech Rotary Drum washes, sanitizes, rinses, soaks, pre-sprouts and grows your seed into sprouts in one easy step. The Rota-Tech Rotary Drum System is used for commercial sprout production of sprouted seeds such as alfalfa, arugula, broccoli, buckwheat, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, clover, dill, fennel, fenugreek, garlic, leek, mustard, onion and radish.

Although the Rota-Tech Rotary Drum System is mainly used to produce green sprouts, it is also the system that growers turn to as a soaker and "pre-sprouter" (pops the seed) of mung beans, lentils, adzuki, and other beans. It produces an excellent "Crispy Mix" or "Crunchy Mix" (assortment of sprouted beans), and pops the seed of wheat, barley, oats and rye for sprouted wheat bread. Some growers use it to produce a small, sweet mung bean sprout, a product that commands a premium over fully-grown mung bean sprouts.

ISS Rota-Tech (RT) 1000 Rotary Drum
The RT-1000 Rotary Drum is loaded with features including clear quadrants that enhance photosynthesis for healthier looking sprouts and easier hulling. The clear quads require fewer lights and less electricity, enabling visual monitoring from any angle.

The RT-1000 Rotary Drum's "Crop Guard" feature automatically reduces unsafe sprout mass temperatures, eliminating the possibility of rot from heat build up. It has a convenient remote control upfront for easy harvesting and a probe thermometer for non-disruptive water temperature monitoring. The door storage rack keeps the doors elevated from the floor and away from your workspace. As an added feature, the drain trough accommodates food safety requirement by preventing spent irrigation water from splashing and creating airborne bacteria.

The greening lights are mounted as close to the quads as possible for maximum greening. The high-powered ventilation system controls airborne bacteria that lead to rot and sprout damage. Duel fans are included for maximum air exchange and as insurance against crop loss should a fan unexpectedly cease to function properly.

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ISS Rota-Tech (RT) 850 Rotary Drum

The ISS Rota-Tech 850 Rotary Drum is manufactured with the same quality and precision workmanship as its mother, The RT-1000 Rotary Drum. With the Rota-Tech 850, loading, harvesting and cleaning are easy. The wash down direct drive motor eliminates chains and the stainless steel construction resists corrosion inside and out. The fan, air baffle, plumbing and quads all quick disconnect for thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

The clear, shatterproof doors are molded, interchangeable, and snap on instantly. The doors and quads are precision manufactured to meet specifications so rigid that even presoaked alfalfa seed can't escape. The PLC is easy to use, yet powerful enough to control the crop from beginning to end with the touch of a button.

For economy, the opaque quadrants come standard on the RT-850 Rotary Drum. All of the standard features on the RT-1000 Rotary Drum are available as options on the RT-850 Rotary Drum.

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All Rota-Tech Rotary Drums have a stainless steel frame and are shipped fully assembled for easy installation, requiring only a water source and an electrical outlet.

At ISS, we have been growing and selling sprouts since 1979. We developed the Rota-Tech Sprouting System over 28 years ago and have been continually refining it to provide you with a truly exceptional opportunity in green sprout growing equipment.