Dehulling Equipment

Removing the Skin from the Seed

Now that you have produced a beautiful sprout, you are ready to process thesprout for packaging.  As seed turns into sprouts, they shed their hull(skin).  This skin is harmless but is unappealing to consumers.  ISSmakes a variety of equipment to fit any size commercial bean sprout operationthat will separate and remove the hulls.  Some of this equipment can beused for green sprouts as well as bean sprouts.

This task can either be one of the mostor least labor intensive steps of sprout production.  It is also a point atwhich pathogens can be introduced or reduced. 

ISS hulling equipment is designed to:

  • Effectively remove the hulls without damaging the sprouts
  • Reduce back injuries
  • Improve the quality of the sprouts by removing root hairs and bacteria
  • Reduce human and plant pathogens
  • Reduce labor
  • Clean up easily and effectively
  • Be a part of your HACCP plan

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