Sprout Equipment

Commercial Sprout Production Equipment

sprouting equipmentThe Sentrex Sprout Equipment Division of ISS researches, designs, and manufactures equipment to grow sprouts from a wide variety of seed. The equipment is used by growers throughout the world including our own sprout company,Sungarden Sprouts. Our twenty-six years of research and commercial sprout production allows us to develop the finest equipment in the industry.  Refinement of our equipment never ceases.

ISS equipment is designed to:

  •  Produce Optimum Quality (We have this down to a science - literally!)
  •  Be Easy to Clean and Sanitize
  •  Reduce Risk of Injury
  •  Reduce Labor
  •  Reduce Operating Costs and Total Overhead
  •  Integrate Easily into Preceding and Following Production Steps
  •  Be Easily and Inexpensively Maintained and Last a Long Time

We have been relying on repeat business since 1979.  Helping sprouters grow their business is what grows ours.

There are two main types of sprouts, each using different equipment:

Bean Sprouts are traditionally used in oriental cooking.  Seed is sanitized, soaked, spread into large bins, and placed in a controlled environment in which the humidity, water, nutrients, gasses, and temperature are constantly monitored. Unlike green sprouts, bean sprouts are grown completely in the dark. Sprout burger

Green Sprouts may be cooked also but are more typically found in salads and sandwiches. The most common green sprouts are alfalfa, broccoli, clover, cress, mustard, peas, radish and sunflower. Edible grasses such as wheat, oats, barley and rye can also be produced on ISS green sprout equipment.

We supply sprout producers who are just starting up, as well as those producing many tons per day. Our largest turnkey operation to date is 110 tons per day.  

ISS equipment produces sprouts that are:

  • Consistent 
  • Top Quality
  • High Yielding
  • Have a Long Shelf Life

We build equipment of all sizes to meet growers needs, so you will need to call or email for pricing.  Please investigate our equipment by pressing the leaves at the top of this page or locating the equipment you want on the Contents button.  To learn about the process of sprouting, see "Information" at the top of this page.