Pack Off Table

Pack Off Tables

Bean_sprout_Packing_TablePack Off Tables are designed to speed up the process of putting sprouts into plastic bags from 4-20 lbs (2-10 kg).  Sprouts are generally conveyed onto the back of these tables from a wash tank,shaker table orair knife, or are  placed on them directly from a centrifuge.  They come with one or more (generally two) shoots.  Sprouts are manually raked into the shoots.  At the bottom of each shoot is a scale with a solenoid to hold the bag in place.  Scales let you know when the proper amount of sprouts are in the bag.  This table generally saves about 50% of the time spent packing by hand.

They are all stainless steel.  Below is a used Pack Off Table which has some retro-fitted plastic diverter inserts to allow beans to drop from a conveyor belt.  If new, these would be a stainless steel option.