Sprouting Industry Information and Resources

Our sprout industry resources include sprout nutrition research, nutrition charts for sprouts, sprout food safety studies, sprout recipes, sprout-related news stories and more.

Compiled over the course of several years, this sprout industry information is intended to be helpful to everyone, from commercial sprout growers to those who just have a passing interest in sprouts.

  • Research on Sprouts and Nutrition - The nutritional benefits of sprouts are well-documented. Over the years, we've collected an extensive body of research regarding sprouts and nutrition.
  • Nutrition Charts for Sprouts - The growth of the sprouting industry is powered in large part by a growing awareness of the nutritional value of sprouts. These sprout nutrition charts show just how healthy it is to eat sprouts!
  • Research on Role of Sprouts in Wellness and Disease Prevention - Eating sprouts can keep you healthy -- or at least that's what much of the research suggests.
  • Information on Sprouting Seed Safety Issues - As a leading provider of sprouting seed, we have led the market in seed safety. These articles provide an introduction to common sprouting seed food safety challenges.
  • Research on Sprout Safety - ISS has been doing research on sprouting since 1979, mostly related to food safety and production. Over the years, we've collected an extensive set of research studies relating to sprouts and food safety.
  • Sprouts in the News - Read news coverage of the sprouts industry. This collection of articles provides a great introduction to the sprouts business.
  • Sprout Recipes - Our collection of sprouts recipes will have you eating well at every meal.
  • Test Your Sprout Knowledge - Test your knowledge of sprouts. This fun quiz will teach you a few new things about sprouts.
  • Sprout Industry Links and Books - For sprout growers, sprout producers and anyone interested in the sprouts industry, we've gathered some useful online resources and a list of good books about sprouting.