CitroBio is the most complete organicantibacterial in its class, having a broad spectrum and consistentresidual action.  CitroBio is a natural citrus extract treatment composedof FDA Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) listed ingredients. It is an aqueous solution of thea mixture derived from wholeoranges, glycerin, citric acid and alpha-tocopherol. 

CitroBio is effective against a widerange of plant and human pathogens, bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, fungi,and algae fungus.  It is used for food safety and extended product shelflife.

CitroBio Can be Used in ALLPHASES of Sprout Production

  • Seed Disinfection (Not to be used in place of chlorine in the USA).
  • Misting or Watering to reduce bacteria during production of bean sprouts and green sprouts - reducing the chance of rot and increasing sprout yield and shelf life.
  • Post Harvest wash water, creating a better quality, safer and longer lasting product.
  • Surface Disinfection of growing and harvesting equipment, conveyors, tools and buckets, tables, floors and walls, transport vehicles, coolers, air conditioning, air circulation equipment, break rooms, lavatories and so on.
  • Hand and Glove Disinfection
  • Boot Dip

We Only Sale CitroBio as aConcentrate.  It's called CB20

CB20is available from ISS in half gallon (1.9 L) bottles or 55 gallon (208.5 L)drums.


The following dilutions from the are recommended:

Dilution: 1:10

  • Seed Soak

See: "Reduction of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 and Salmonella on Laboratory-Inoculated Alfalfa Seed with Commercial Citrus-Related Products", July 2003, Journal of Food Protection, Volume: 66 Number: 7 Page: 1158 - 1165, William F. Fett ; Peter H. Cooke, International Association for Food Protection

Dilution: 1:500

  • Surface Disinfection of growing rooms, growing and harvestingequipment, conveyors, tools and buckets, storage silos, tables, floors and walls, transportvehicles, coolers, air conditioning, air circulation equipment, break rooms,lavatories and so on.
  • Hand and Glove Disinfection 
  • Boot Dip

Dilution: 1:2000

  • Misting, spraying, or irrigating sprouts during germination and growth.
  • Treatment of post harvest sprouts.

Calcium Hypochlorite

The most commonly used seed sanitizing agent. Recommended by the FDA for use insanitizing seed.  Askyour ISS sales representative for mixing guidelines.  Granular.  FoodGrade.  Available in 100 lb. (45kg) drums.  


Research on Sanitation

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