Seed Sanitation

A Great Start

One of the most important steps in growing sprouts is proper seed sanitizing and soaking.  This is critical for three reasons:

  • To reduce human pathogens such as E.coli 0157:H7 and Salmonella.
  • To reduce plant pathogens that can destroy crops.
  • To get  even germination, leading to higher yields and more consistent production.

Whether you are a first time grower, or a large producer, we have the proper sanitizing/soaking equipment to fit your needs.

Automatic Seed Sanitizing/Soaking System

Mung Bean Seed Sanitizer and Soaker
The fully automated ISS Sanitizing/Soaking System is the best way to start mung bean sprouts.  The process involves seed transport, seed weighing, water filling and removal, agitation, chlorination, ozonation (optional), aeration, filtering, weighing the germinated seed and distributing it evenly into each bin. 

This system improves yields by giving even germination and is a real labor savor for large growers.  We can make these in any size and as cost effective or sophisticated as you choose. 

Features include:mung bean seed sanitizing and soaking system

  • Automatic release of  specified amounts of soaked seed, for even distribution into growing containers.

  • Ladder

  • Automatic addition of chemicals

  • Versatile, programmable controls

  • Skimming system to remove debris

  • Easy access bottom release of seed

  • Metal parts are stainless steel

Optional Features:

  • Conveyor belt to load seed into hopper

  • Can be built to your specific height needs to fit your bins

  • Ozone

  • Seed Auger

Large Automatic Seed Sanitizing/Soaking System:

1,600 gallon (6055 liter) capacity, will sanitize and soak up to 4000 lbs. (1800 kg) of seed.

Small Automatic Seed Sanitizing/Soaking System:

500 gallon (1900 liter) capacity, will sanitize and soak up to 1,320 lbs. (600kg) of seed.

sprout equipment text seporator

Calcium Hypochlorite

The most commonly used seed sanitizing agent.  Recommended by the FDA for use in sanitizing seed.  Ask your ISS sales representative for mixing guidelines.  Granular.  Food Grade.  Available in 100 lb. (45kg) drums.